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HVAC&R Japan 2022: Nihon Netsugen Systems Has Sold 345 Transcritical CO2 Units To Date

The company also exhibited a GEA BLUAstrum ammonia chiller that is receiving interest from major chemical manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies for factory air conditioning, the company said.

Japanese OEM Nihon Netsugen Systems has sold 345 transcritical CO2 (R744) refrigeration systems in Japan to date, said Kimikazu Ochi, Deputy General Manager of Nihon Netsugen Systems’ Sales Department, during the HVAC&R Japan 2022 trade show, being held from February 1-4 in Tokyo.

Sales are in line with the company’s expectations. Last year in June, during the FOOMA Japan 2021 trade show, Katsuhiko Harada, President of Nihon Netsugen Systems, said that the company was aiming to sell 350 units by 2022. At the time, the company sold 250 units. Its CO2 systems are aimed at industrial applications.

This year, the company was exhibiting its transcritical CO2 Booster Super Green systems for cold storage and food-processing factories, its CO2 brine chiller, a Güntner CO2 gas cooler and a GEA BluAstrum ammonia chiller, made by German manufacturer GEA.

Inquiries for the GEA BluAstrum ammonia chiller have been increasing steadily since last year, said Ochi.

“Several inquiries for the GEA BluAstrum ammonia chiller have been coming from major chemical manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies to be used for factory air conditioning,” Ochi said. “Demand for COchillers to be used for pharmaceutical storage and laboratory air conditioning is also growing.”

Last year, the company delivered 24 units of the GEA BluAstrum ammonia chiller. The company has agreements in place for another six to be delivered to customers. Ochi added that Nihon Netsugen Systems is currently in discussions with margarine factories in Denmark to use the company’s CObrine chillers.

The company is also expanding its production capacity at its manufacturing facility for transcritical CO2 systems in Shiga, Japan, Ochi said. The company is currently constructing a new building scheduled to be completed in September and is expected to grow its production capacity to “200 units per year,” said Ochi.

“Nihon Netsugen Systems is expanding its production capacity for transcritical CO2 systems to 200 units per year.”

Kimikazu Ochi, Nihon Netsugen Systems

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