Refrigeration technicians at compact Kältetechnik
compact Kältetechnik has been training mechatronic technicians for refrigeration technology for 25 years. (Source: compact Kältetechnik)

German Manufacturer Trains Mechatronic Refrigeration Technicians for a ‘Trade with a Future’

compact Kältetechnik has an extensive apprenticeship program with the aim of offering permanent contracts to all trainees who successfully complete the course

According to German refrigeration manufacturer compact Kältetechnik, learning to become a mechatronic technician within the refrigeration sector secures trainees with a “trade with a future.” In line with this belief, the company has been providing training in this interdisciplinary field – which covers mechanics, electronics and computing – for 25 years.

Each year, compact Kältetechnik offers up to eight new mechatronic technician apprenticeships, split across its two manufacturing facilities in Dresden and Scharfenstein. The company’s goal is to offer permanent contracts to all trainees that complete the 3.5-year course.

The manufacturer also provides shorter internships for those looking for an introduction to the industry.

compact Kältetechnik has said that its award-winning training program is varied and technically demanding. It helps apprentices develop the technical and manual skills needed for a future in the industry, with practical experience gained through work at the company’s facilities. Trainees learn the theory behind their work at a vocational school in Reichenbach and on training courses.

Advice from a trainee

One trainee named Justin, who completed his mechatronic technician apprenticeship with compact Kältetechnik in February, has recommended the training program for its extensive coverage of different topic areas, including metal work, electronics and refrigeration.

“Refrigeration technology is constantly evolving, and you never stop learning,” he said in a recent interview with the manufacturer. “During the training and beyond, we have the opportunity to constantly develop and expand our knowledge with inter-company courses and cooperation with a partner company.”

In addition to working on refrigeration systems at the compact Kältetechnik production facility, Justin said he was particularly interested in on-site servicing and commissioning.

“Refrigeration technology is constantly evolving, and you never stop learning.”

Justin, compact Kältetechnik

He added that the highlight of the course was a three-week workplace exchange to France, which is part of a Vocational Training Without Borders initiative.

During the trip, Justin worked with French refrigeration companies and shadowed specialist technicians to service systems, noting that it was a “great and unique experience.”

For future technicians, Justin advises taking a lot of notes, asking a lot of questions and doing the work properly.

“It’s better to spend a little more time the first time than to do it twice,” he said.

Prior to his apprenticeship, Justin completed a 15-week internship with compact Kältetechnik while studying at a technical college.

“In general, I would recommend anyone who is interested in this job to do an internship beforehand,” he explained. “That way you know exactly what the content of the training is, what skills you need and whether you enjoy the job.”

Since completing his training with the company, Justin has been offered a permanent contract.

“I would like to stay [with] the company [to] consolidate my position and expand my knowledge,” he added. “Now I also have the opportunity to [work on] projects from start to finish. During the training, work was often interrupted by the vocational school and courses so that we only accompanied parts of it.”

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