Lycée Raspail high school in Paris where TEKO donated a CO2 condensing unit.
Lycée Raspail in Paris. Phoro credit: Kruszyk Laurent for the General Inventory of Cultural Heritage of the Île-de-France Region.

French Technical High School’s Industrial Refrigeration Training Program Receives TEKO CO2 Condensing Unit

The OEM said the addition of its ROXSTAair unit will ‘empower future refrigeration experts with transcritical system expertise.’

German OEM TEKO Refrigeration, which manufactures commercial and industrial transcritical CO2 (R744) refrigeration systems, has announced that one of its ROXSTAair CO2 condensing units has been installed at Lycée Raspail, a high school in Paris.

The company shared the news of the unit’s successful delivery and installation in a LinkedIn post.

“This state-of-the-art addition enriches the bachelor degree curriculum [at the school], empowering future refrigeration experts with transcritical system expertise,” TEKO said.

The ROXSTAair installed at the school can supply 11‒20kW (3.1‒5.7TR) of medium-temperature refrigeration capacity with design pressures up to 120bar (1,740psi).

Training technicians: Lycée Raspail provides vocational and technical training to roughly 900 high school students, with programs also available for adults under the age of 26.

  • In addition to diplomas, students can also earn heating and cooling certifications and licenses.
  • TEKO also holds monthly training workshops at its headquarters in Altenstadt, Germany. The company said it trains more than 600 refrigeration plant engineers, planners and operators annually.

First mover: In June 2022, TEKO became the first company to receive the ATMO Approved Natural Refrigerants Label. ATMOsphere, publisher of, issues the Label to best-in-class manufacturers of natural refrigerant systems and components.

  • TEKO has since been reapproved twice for the label. The reapproval process occurs on an annual basis
  • “With each renewal, we are advancing our commitment to the environment and promoting the growth of our climate-conscious initiatives for a healthier planet,” Andreas Meier, Managing Director of TEKO, told “The recognition we achieve due to the ATMO Approved Label reaffirms our position as a ‘best-in-class natural refrigerants company.’”

Decades of CO2 experience: TEKO began building CO2 refrigeration systems in 2004, and the company says it currently has “several thousand proven CO2 systems on the market.”

  • The ROXSTAair is part of the company’s ROXSTA lineup, which consists of 10 CO2 condensers and racks for commercial and industrial applications. Refrigeration capacities range from 4 to 960kW (1.1 to 273TR).
  • Per TEKO, there are currently 7,928 ROXSTA CO2 units “in operation.”

Quotable: “Students specializing in CO2 units will receive top-notch training, thanks to this cutting-edge technology integrated into the program,” said TEKO. “Not only does [the ROXSTAair] bolster the program, but it also serves as [a] gateway to the esteemed French Institute of Industrial Refrigeration, CNAM Iffi, paving the way for students’ professional journeys in the industry.”

“Students specializing in CO2 units will receive top-notch training, thanks to this cutting-edge technology integrated into the program.”


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