Frascold CO2 Compressor
Frascold's new TK HD CO2 compressor. Photo Credit: Frascold.

Frascold to Launch New Range of Semi-Hermetic Transcritical CO2 Compressors

The new TK HD series, available in 34 models, offers refrigeration capacities between 3.7 and 72kW.

Italian compressor manufacturer Frascold has unveiled the TK HD series, a new range of transcritical CO2 (R744) semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors.

The new line, available in 34 models, offers refrigeration capacities between 3.7 and 72kW (1.1 and 20.5TR) and the option to select one of two motors, which range in power from 3 to 50HP.

“Frascold’s TK HD series is ideal for intensive and continuous round-the-clock workloads, like those required in industrial and trade industries,” Frascold said. “It also offers utmost flexibility and compatibility with existing systems, enabling retrofit solutions.”

The series comes with an inverter option, which increases the line’s flexibility, making the compressors applicable to all HVAC&R functions, including air-conditioning, refrigeration and high-temperature heat pumps up to 100°C (212°F), Frascold said. The compressors, designed for pressures up to 100bar (1,450psi), provide volumetric displacements between 1.9 and 37.9m3 (67 and 1,338ft3) per hour at 50Hz.

Frascold told that the compressors operate “with evaporating temperature conditions at −10°C [14°F],” with a 90bar (1,305psi) gas cooler pressure at 35°C (95°F).

The series, designed with “silence as the new benchmark,” according to the manufacturer, operates between 64.5 and 76dB(A) measured at a distance of one meter (3ft 3in) and achieves reduced sound levels through mechanical balancing and the “optimization” of the internal components.

In addition to noise levels, Frascold said it also took service life into account when designing the TK HD series.

“We provided the new CO2-based TK HD series with anti-friction treatments and a new surface finish to reduce the wear and extend the service life of the compressors for a constant performance over time,” Frascold said. The past year’s ongoing external field test confirms the unit’s reliability, resistance and duration, the company added.

“Frascold’s TK HD series is ideal for intensive and continuous round-the-clock workloads.”


Investing in R&D

The release of Frascold’s new line of transcritical CO2 compressors comes three years after the company announced it had upgraded its COCO2/propane (R290) compressor test laboratory to enable it to develop new semi-hermetic compressors.

“Frascold is investing accordingly in R&D and in its laboratory to launch new generations of compressors and test the existing ones,” said Marco Perri, R&D and Technical Support Manager for Frascold, at the time of the announcement.

While the TK HD series is designed to work with high-temperature heat pumps, the company has also shown interest in smaller heat pumps.

Last year, in collaboration with Italian startup Aircodue, Frascold helped develop a CO2 heat pump for railway-carriage space heating and cooling that used its D-TK transcritical CO2 compressor. The new heat pump reportedly delivered up to 58% in energy savings over the existing R134a system while “considerably” reducing CO2e emissions.

Headquartered in Milan, Frascold develops and manufactures semi-hermetic piston and screw compressors for the HVAC&R market. The company last introduced a new line of transcritical CO2 compressors for industrial and commercial applications, the Z TK series, at the 2020 Euroshop trade show.

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