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Evapco Introduces First CO2 Gas Cooler

The gas cooler comes in air-cooled and adiabatic models.

U.S. refrigeration manufacturer Evapco has announced its first industrial/commercial CO2 gas cooler, in both air-cooled and adiabatic versions, as part of its eco-Air Series.

Known predominantly for ammonia products and systems, Taneytown, Maryland-based Evapco has also provided industrial CO2 evaporators and vessels for many years.

The CO2 gas cooler comes in two air-cooled configurations – V Coil and Flat Coil. The V Coil model also has an adiabatic pre-cooling option. The Flat Coil model is well-suited for elevated installations with bottom-airflow clearance, said Evapco.

“The eco-Air Series of CO2 Gas Coolers is another chapter in Evapco’s ongoing commitment to quality, environmentally friendly products,” Evapco said.

The new CO2 gas cooler:

  • Has 100% fully rated thermal performance.
  • Is available with NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) or Electronically Commutated (EC) motor technologies.
  • Uses heavy-wall 304L stainless steel tubes with aluminum fin. Various fin spacings from 6 to 12fpi (fins per inch) and epoxy-coated fins are available.
  • Offers 1,740psig (120bar) coil-design working pressure.
  • Comes with a coil that is designed, constructed and tested in accordance with the ASME (The American Society of Mechanical Engineers) B31.5 standard for refrigeration piping and heat transfer components.

“No shortcuts on pressure design standards for Evapco and CO2 products!” said Pat Strine, Senior Vice President of Evapco, in a LinkedIn post, referring to the ASME B31.5 standard.

The gas cooler, along with Evapco’s other CO2 products, can be packaged with the transcritical CO2 systems made by Evapco LMP, the new company formed from Evapco’s acquisition of Systèmes LMP. “We are very excited to be able to promote, for the first time, a single-source package of the CO2 skid, gas cooler and evaporators, where we can guarantee total quality and thermal performance” said Jeff Gingras, President of Evapco LMP.

“No shortcuts on pressure design standards for Evapco and CO2 products!”

Pat Strine, Evapco

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