Fieuw will be the exclusive distributor of Energy Recovery's PX G1300 pressure exchanger in Benelux.
Energy Recovery’s PX G1300 pressure exchanger for CO2-based systems.

Energy Recovery Announces Fieuw Koeltechniek as Exclusive Distributor of its Transcritical CO2 Pressure Exchanger in Benelux Region

The PX G1300 device has been found to boost the COP of a European supermarket’s CO2 system by 25% at high ambient temperatures compared to a standard CO2 booster system.

Energy Recovery, a California-based manufacturer of pressure exchangers, has announced Belgian refrigeration cooling rack and service provider Fieuw Koeltechniek as the exclusive distributor in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg (Benelux) of its PX G1300 device for improving the efficiency of transcritical CO2 (R744) systems.

The agreement, which is Energy Recovery’s first for this product in Europe, grants Fieuw exclusive rights to sell the PX G1300 within the Benelux region for two years and requires a set volume purchase of the device.

“Energy Recovery’s PX G1300 is a natural fit for our offerings as it enables our customers to meet sustainability goals and drive down their energy use and costs, essentially helping both the environment and the wallet,” said Fieuw’s Stefaan Bostyn.

The partnership between Energy Recovery and Fieuw will be celebrated at a signing ceremony at 2 pm on March 1 at Energy Recovery’s booth (Hall 15, G33) at EuroShop 2023, which takes place February 26 to March 2 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

“Energy Recovery’s PX G1300 is a natural fit for our offerings, as it enables our customers to meet sustainability goals and drive down their energy use and costs, essentially helping both the environment and the wallet.”

Stefaan Bostyn, Fieuw Koeltechniek

Driving energy efficiency

Data gathered from installations of Energy Recovery’s PX G1300 in commercial transcritical CO2 refrigeration systems has demonstrated significant improvements in the systems’ energy efficiency.

“Through a recent collaboration with a European refrigeration rack manufacturer, a local supermarket chain became the first in Europe to incorporate a PX G energy recovery device into its CO2 refrigeration system,” explained Energy Recovery. “The system achieved efficiency improvements of 25–30% at temperatures of 35–40°C (95–104°F), compared to an alternative CO2 booster system.”

At milder ambient temperatures, the PX G1300 improved the efficiency of the supermarket’s refrigeration system by 10%.

Such efficiency gains could prove to be extremely beneficial to commercial and industrial refrigeration users in the Benelux region, where energy prices have been rising rapidly in recent years.

For example, in Belgium, the Commission for the Regulation of Electricity and Gas (CREG) reported a 95% increase in energy costs between October 2021 and October 2022.

According to KC Chen, Energy Recovery’s Vice President of CO2, the company is ready to support Europe’s transition to more sustainable refrigeration systems, noting that the PX G1300 “reduces the energy costs and emissions of CO2-based refrigeration systems.”

Chen added that “switching to a PX G1300-enabled COsystem from alternative CO2 systems typically comes at no additional capital cost to supermarkets, as the PX G1300 offsets the need for other components such as compressors, adiabatic coolers and valves.”

Prior to entering into partnership with Energy Recovery, Fieuw purchased four PX G1300s in 2022, two of which were installed in February 2023 in a Carrefour supermarket in Belgium.

This marks the first system with multiple PX G1300s and “demonstrates the PX G1300’s ability to serve larger refrigeration systems in both supermarkets and industrial applications,” said Energy Recovery.

Fieuw’s remaining two PX G1300s are scheduled for commissioning later this year.

Energy Recovery at EuroShop 2023

This year marks Energy Recovery’s first appearance at EuroShop.

In addition to its booth and signing celebration with Fieuw, Energy Recovery will be delivering four presentations on its PX technology throughout the trade show at Italian OEM Epta’s Talking Epta Arena (Hall 15, C24–42).

The presentations – which are scheduled for February 26 at 11:15 am, February 27 at 12 noon, February 28 at 11:15 am at March 1 at 3:10 pm – will be delivered by Chen and Darren Lacroix, European Account Manager for CO2 at Energy Recovery.

The focus of these sessions will be the potential energy and cost savings of Energy Recovery’s PX G1300 technology for transcritical COrefrigeration systems.

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