Embraco Variable Speed Compressors
Embraco’s new VESH variable-speed compressor is part of its VES range. (Source: Embraco)

Embraco’s Variable-Speed Compressor for Domestic Refrigerators Achieves 50% Energy Savings Compared to Standard Fixed-Speed Alternative

The new VESH R600a-based inverter compressor can also be used in certain types of commercial refrigeration equipment, says the manufacturer.

A new isobutane (R600a)-based variable-speed compressor for domestic refrigerators can achieve up to 50% energy savings compared to a standard fixed-speed alternative, according to a statement from the compressor’s manufacturer, Embraco, which is part of Nidec Global Appliance.

Compared to an energy-efficient fixed-speed compressor, Embraco’s new VESH model – a new generation of its VES series – can reduce an appliance’s energy consumption by 30%, the company added.

“VESH pushes the limits of energy savings,” explained Ricardo Bristotti, Vice-President for the Home Appliances Business Segment at Nidec Global Appliance. “This topic has become one of the main priorities for refrigeration appliances manufacturers and homeowners due to high energy prices, especially in Europe, where they are skyrocketing.”

“The energy efficiency combined with the use of R600a is a significant contribution in terms of COequivalent emissions reduction, resulting in a more environmentally sustainable appliance to the final consumer,” he added.

With the use of this new compressor, equipment manufacturers are able to reach the highest classification of the most stringent energy labels around the world, like Europe and Japan, said Embraco.

“The energy efficiency combined with the use of R600a is a significant contribution in terms of COequivalent emissions reduction, resulting in a more environmentally sustainable appliance to the final consumer.”

Ricardo Bristotti, Embraco

The company added that its VESH compressor, which can provide 270W (0.07TR) of cooling capacity, is an upgrade on its portfolio of energy-efficient products for residential applications. It is also suitable for use in certain types of commercial refrigeration equipment.

Quieter and smaller

In addition to reduced energy consumption, the VES compressor series offers higher standards for acoustics and can be “as silent as the ambient noise of a library,” said Embraco.

According to Bristotti, this is a key benefit as regulations on noise are very strict in Japan and Europe, which are Embraco’s main target markets for this product.

The company added that its VESH compressor is also the smallest variable-speed compressor for its efficiency range on the market. The component weighs an average of 6.8kg (2.2lbs) and is 144mm (5.7in) tall.

“Miniaturization of products is among the main drivers of our innovation process,” said Bristotti. “A smaller compressor allows more internal space inside the refrigerator cabinet, it enables reduction of processes and materials used in the production flows, and it optimizes the transportation, contributing to environmental sustainability.”

Variable-speed technology also helps to improve food preservation by adjusting its running speed according to the demand temperature.

“The market acceptance and understanding of the VESH features and benefits has surpassed our expectations so far, showing that the world is on a path toward sustainability that has no coming back,” he added.

Reliable supply

With a focus on the European and Japanese markets, Embraco has recently started mass production of the VESH variable-speed compressor at Nidec Global Appliance’s factories in Austria and China to better manage its supply chains.

“Our concern is to offer a better set of services to our local customers while reducing environmental footprints on transportation and avoiding disruptions caused by long logistics chains,” explained Bristotti.

To serve these two target markets, as well as others, Embraco has made the compressor dual voltage.

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