The R290 waterloop system from freor was installed in two bakeries also Freor R290 hydroloop systems

Cyprus Bakeries Choose R290 Waterloop System with Integrated Water Pumps

Freor’s R290 Hydroloop WPI system reduces the energy needed for glycol circulation by 30%.

Cyprus bakery chain Zorbas Bakeries has installed propane (R290) waterloop refrigeration systems with integrated water/glycol pumps at two new bakeries in Paphos and Limassol.

The system – called the Hydroloop WPI (water pump integrated) system, from Lithuanian OEM Freor – is an R290 waterloop design whereby each cabinet has a small integrated water/glycol pump; this saves 30% of the energy normally needed for the glycol circulation in the system, according to a post on Freor’s website.

This saving is achieved by running the pumps more efficiently. “The individual high-efficiency integrated water pumps run in sync with the operation of compressors, maximum 16 hours per day, compared to the main pump station running 24/7 in [a] traditional Hydroloop system,” Freor explained.

The WPI system also eliminates the need for a main pump station, saving space in the store.

Zorbas chose cabinets with glass doors to further minimize energy consumption. The chain went with ERIDA freezers from Freor for frozen desserts and JUPITER multideck cabinets for chilled beverages.

Zorbas Bakeries started selling bread in 1975. Over the years, the company has expanded to include desserts, salads, snacks and hot beverages. The company focuses on good product quality and being “nature-friendly,” according to Freor.

The R290 Waterloop System

The key benefits to the R290 Hydroloop WPI system are simplicity, flexibility and ease of installation, which does not require an “experienced technician,” according to Freor. “It is as easy as simply connecting the equipment to hydraulic pipes and plugging it in, giving the freedom and flexibility to relocate units if needed,” the company said.

The WPI system is designed for smaller store formats, where space-saving solutions and flexible layouts are important. The “refrigeration solution could not only solve the space problem but also help save money by reducing installation and operational costs,” Freor wrote in a WPI product brochure.

Another benefit to the WPI system is reliability. “In case of a failure, only one refrigeration unit is affected, leaving food products safe and potential losses minimized,” Freor explained.

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