CTI ammonia detector
Jami Lorenz and Debbie Koske of CTI, wearing the Wingman FI ammonia detector at the IIAR 2024 conference.

CTI Releases New Gas-Detection Controller and Portable Ammonia Detector

The Gasmark M255 controller links to up to 255 detectors via a single wire.

U.S. manufacturer CTI (Calibration Technologies Inc.) Gas Detection Specialists has unveiled two new products – a Modbus controller that can accommodate up to 255 gas detection devices, and a portable ammonia (R717) gas detector

Both products were released last October and showcased at the IIAR 2024 Natural Refrigeration Conference & Heavy Equipment Expo, held March 24-27 in Orlando, Florida.  They are manufactured at CTI’s headquarters in Columbia, Missouri.

The controller, called the Gasmark M255, connects to up to 255 “daisy-chained” devices via one wire, said Debbie Koske, Marketing Manager for CTI, adding, “Before, each detector had to be wired to the controller,” which increased the cost of installation.

Koske noted that another CTI controller, the GG-6, can connect to six detection devices and accommodate three expansion modules, each serving up to eight devices, for a maximum of 30.

The M255, which features a 10in (25.4cm) color LCD touchscreen, is well-suited to manage the multiple detectors used for ammonia refrigeration in industrial facilities, noted Koske. The IIAR-2 2021 safety standard calls for ammonia detectors in the compressor room, at entrances to the room and in rooms where refrigeration is required.

The M255 can interface to, but operate independently of, plant control systems as a stand-alone safety sys­tem. It comes with four Modbus channels, eight analog input channels and eight onboard relays, and is user programmable to trigger upon any event for any sensor or group of sensors.

The touchscreen displays real-time status of gas detector con­centrations and alarms, and allows for easier programming via a user-friendly menu system, CTI says on its website. A USB port allows for field software updates and provides a means to back up system programming.

First CTI-made portable device

The portable ammonia detector, called the Wingman F1, is the first personal detector manufactured by CTI; previously CTI only sold a unit from Honeywell. It can be clipped onto the wearer, preferably elevated on a shirt or jacket, said Koske.

The Wingman F1, which measures 2.7 by 2.6 by 1.6in (6.9 by 6.6 by 4.1cm) and weighs 4oz (113.4g), offers ammonia detection from  up to 500ppm, with a resolution of 1ppm. In addition to LED front lighting, it has an internal vibrating alarm for high noise areas. The event log stores up to 100 events with a time and date stamp. When full, the device uses wraparound memory to re­place oldest data with most recent.

“Facility personnel will find this a useful tool for monitoring ammonia levels independent of the facility’s fixed gas detection system,” says CTI.

“Before, each detector had to wired to the controller.”

Debbie Koske, CTI

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