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Component Manufacturer Carly Seeks Input for Redesign of Selection Software

The French company aims to launch a new interactive selection tool for refrigeration components early next year.

Carly, a French manufacturer of refrigeration components, including those for CO2 (R744) applications, seeks customer input for the redesign of its selection software.

HVAC&R contractors, manufacturers, distributors, design personnel, teachers, students and other potential users are encouraged to answer a straightforward survey to help the company understand customer needs, expectations and desired format and features.

The survey can be found here

The survey, which was set up last month, will conclude in mid-May, said Cyrille Berthet, Carly’s CEO. The company aims to complete the digital selection software update by mid-December, with an online launch on January 1, 2024. “Carly wishes to provide its customers with a highly efficient tool to help them select components for refrigeration circuits,” he noted.

The first returns from the questionnaire indicate that users expect “a lot of additional information” in making selections, Berthet said. The redesigned selection software plans to feature interactive elements, making it “more than a simple technical-commercial catalog,” he added.

“Carly wishes to provide its customers with a highly efficient tool to help them select components for refrigeration circuits.”

Cyrille Berthet, CEO for CARLY

The survey takes about a minute to complete with questions about current methods for selecting refrigeration components and ones the participant would be interested in, including web, PC, mobile and offline applications. 

Carly asks participants to rank the features from 0–4 that it should consider in developing the selection software, including pipe sizing, pressure drops in the product, thermodynamic simulation, refrigerant load, product maintenance and related products.

The final question contains an open field that allows participants to make additional suggestions to enhance the line component selection software.

Founded in 1923, Carly is headquartered in Lissieu, France. The company offers components for CO2 subcritical and transcritical applications with high-pressure operating conditions of 64, 90 and 140bar (928, 1,305 and 2,031psi), including various filters, driers, check valves, discharge line mufflers, oil separators, suction accumulators and liquid receivers.

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