Colmac Coil's A+P Penthouse Dual Coil
Colmac Coil's A+P penthouse evaporator with dual coil; source: Colmac Coil

Colmac Coil Releases New Configurations for Penthouse Evaporator

The U.S. manufacturer offers insulated base, pitched base and dual coil options for A+P Penthouse Evaporator, used in cold storage warehouses and food processing facilities.

U.S.-based Colmac Coil Manufacturing, known for its ADX low-charge ammonia (R717) evaporator, recently announced the release of three new configurations for its A+P Insulated Penthouse Air Coolers (evaporators), including insulated base, pitched base and dual coil options to increase flexibility and installation customization.

“Leveraging our ability to provide a completely customized solution through Colmac’s proprietary A+Pro selection software, the new A+P configurations deliver even more options to end users, contractors, and design engineers,” said Joe Fazzari, President of Colmac Coil, in a statement. “With the popularity of removing the evaporator out of the storage or production space, we’ve seen growing interest in the A+P product line. We’re thrilled to offer even more value-engineered A+P configurations to our customers around the world.”

Mounted outside the building, A+P Insulated Penthouse Air Coolers are insulated evaporators available for all industrial refrigeration system types, said Colmac, adding it offers “ideal solutions” for cold storage warehouses and food processing facilities looking to increase safety and operating space. The new configurations can be installed individually or in any combination to increase overall system redundancy.

Since the initial A+P product release, Colmac has completed the installation of dozens of A+P evaporators designed for various ammonia refrigeration systems, said Joseph Schweitzer, Marketing Coordinator of Colmac Coil. In addition, the evaporator is manufactured for systems using CO2 (R744) and glycol.

The insulated base configuration of the A+ P evaporators allows mounting the penthouse unit off the building roof. It also accommodates interstitial space for mechanical purposes inside buildings and is available with electronically communicated (EC) fan motors.

For ease of installation, the pitched base configuration is designed to match the envelope of the building roof.

The dual coil configuration (set in a given enclosure) provides the ability to sequentially defrost the evaporators, and offers the end user more system redundancy, said Colmac.

Colmac will showcase the A+P Penthouse with DX and Recirculated CO2 coils and a fully insulated base with EC fan motors in booth 347 at the IIAR 2023 Natural Refrigeration Conference & Expo taking place at the Long Beach, California, Convention Center March 12-15.

Innovation of the Year

Established in 1971, Colmac has manufactured products for industrial refrigeration, HVAC, power generation and gas compression. In 2018, Accelerate America, published by ATMOsphere (publisher of, awarded Colmac its Innovation of the Year Award for developing a widely adopted low-charge ammonia DX evaporator for low- to medium-temperature applications. This evaporator reduced ammonia charge 30-50 times that of comparable traditional overfeed systems, the company said.

With manufacturing facilities in both Washington State and Illinois, Colmac builds refrigeration air coolers and blast freezers, heating and cooling coils, air-cooled fluid coolers and condensers and heat pipes for heat recovery. Its selection software “accurately calculates heat exchanger performance for a wide range of working fluids, materials and operating conditions,” Colmac said on its website.

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