CO2 Refrigeration Systems is expanding its operations in Marshalltown, Iowa.
CO2 Refrigeration Systems is expanding its operations in Marshalltown, Iowa. Photo credit: Marshalltown.

CO2 Refrigeration Systems Joins as Silver Partner

The Iowa-based company, founded in 2022, specializes in custom-capacity CO2 refrigeration equipment.

CO2 Refrigeration Systems (CRS), a U.S.-based manufacturer of transcritical CO2 (R744) racks, packaged units, gas coolers and other CO2 refrigeration technology, has joined the world’s leading natural refrigerant HVAC&R stakeholders as a silver partner of the marketplace.

CRS was founded in 2022 in Marshalltown, Iowa, and recently expanded its operations in the city, purchasing a manufacturing facility previously owned by fiberglass and foam insulation products company Scott Manufacturing.

CRS President and CEO Zach Laws said his company will make 48 hires over the next three years as the company ramps up its production, with a focus on “low volume, high value” products, which he said could range from refrigeration systems for supermarkets to food processors.

“We’ll be heavy on the engineering side and heavy on the assembly side with our manufacturing and production here in Marshalltown,” Laws said.

Production at CRS’s new facility in Marshalltown began April 30.

Custom capacities

CRS takes a customer-focused approach to its transcritical CO2 racks, one that is driven by a desire to keep costs down and boost efficiency.

“The traditional costly approach of selecting refrigeration systems from catalog offerings often results in excess capacity that negatively impacts system efficiency,” the company says. “At CRS, we customize the capacities of our transcritical CO2 racks to match your operational needs.”

CRS says its racks can offer cooling capacities from 50kW (14.2TR) to 11.7MW (3,326TR) with a max pressure rating of 1,740psig (120bar). Higher-pressure systems include K65 tubes from German OEM Wieland rated to 1,740psig. The company says it designs low-temperature and medium-temperature applications at 870psig (60bar) to “maximize opportunities to select common components across suction groups.”

CRS transcritical CO2 refrigeration systems can also be fitted with parallel compression, ejector technology and heat reclaim to boost efficiency. Additional efficiency enhancements include the ability to integrate air-conditioning and refrigeration into a combined system.

In addition to commercial systems, CRS also offers DX and CO2 liquid overfeed systems for industrial applications.

“Our DX Booster Systems are an excellent alternative to ammonia-based DX systems, providing competitive energy efficiency and superior safety in a substantially smaller footprint,” CRS says.

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