ATMOsphere COO and Head of APAC Jan Dusek at the 2024 China Refrigeration Expo
Jan Dusek, COO and Head of APAC at ATMOsphere.

CO2 Refrigeration and Heat Pump Highlights From the 2024 China Refrigeration Expo

Local and international manufacturers brought transcritical CO2 compressors, heat pumps, a cascade system and more to the show.

CO2 (R744) refrigeration equipment and heat pumps from local and international manufacturers dotted the show floor at the 2024 China Refrigeration Expo, held April 8‒10 in Beijing.

ATMOsphere COO and Head of APAC Jan Dusek covered the show for ATMOsphere is the publisher of

“We are back at the 2024 China Refrigeration Expo after four years to reconnect with the industry,” Dusek said.

The 2024 China Refrigeration Expo was the 35th edition of the show and welcomed 1,006 exhibitors from 27 countries. In addition to eight exhibition halls worth of booths, the expo also featured nearly 60 symposiums, forums and technical seminars covering the intersection of industrial policies and HVAC&R development trends, academic research and new product launches.

The China-based Bingshan Group, Japan-based Itomic and Italian manufacturer Dorin were just a few of the manufacturers with CO2 products at the show.

  • The Bingshan Group exhibited the only transcritical CO2 rack. In addition to CO2, the company also manufactures compressors using propane (R290).
  • Itomic brought a commercial CO2 hot water heat pump to the show, which it sells in China in partnership with Chinese manufacturer Dunan. In 2021, the Hailiang Business Hotel in Zhuji, China, reported a 50% energy savings after replacing the 14 R22 heat pumps and two gas boilers it used to make hot water with six Itomic CO2 heat pumps.
  • Dorin showed CO2 compressors. The company entered the Chinese CO2 refrigeration market in 2018 and has established itself as a top player, according to Dusek. “It’s fair to say that Dorin is the number one supplier of CO2 compressors in China for both heat pump applications as well as refrigeration.”

Exclusive interviews with Dorin and the Bingshan Group will be published soon on

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