Panasonic CO2 Condensing Units in Europe: Live Interview
Panasonic CO2 Condensing Units in Europe: Live Interview

CO2 Condensing Units in Europe: Interview with Panasonic’s Benjamin Tissot

With CO2 condensing units gaining traction with European retailers and foodservice operators, Benjamin Tissot, CO2 Business Development Manager for Panasonic Europe, will discuss the adoption of his company’s CO2 condensing units in a live interview with ATMOsphere’s Marc Chasserot on Tuesday, June 21 at 2pm CEST/8am EDT.

The 45-minute interview will be streamed live on, YouTube (ATMOsphereTV) and LinkedIn. You can ask questions  and interact with Tissot through the ATMOsphere LinkedIn page. It is free to attend.

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Panasonic, which has an extensive CO2 condensing unit business in Japan, its home country, introduced a Panasonic launched its 2HP CO2 condensing unit in Europe in 2017, and is planning to expand its product line-up and distribution channels.  The first version of its 10HP unit followed in the summer of 2018.

In 2019, Panasonic launched a new 10HP CO2 condensing unit for the European market. The unit has 16kW (4.55TR) of medium-temperature capacity, 7.5kW (2.13TR) of low-temperature capacity, a heat-recovery option, and a larger sized 12l (3.17gal).

Last year, Panasonic developed five types of water-cooled and air-cooled modular CO2 condensing units (10, 15, 20, 30 and 40 HP).

Panasonic’s condensing unit target the retail and food service sectors, such as small supermarkets, convenience stores and garage forecourts. They also serve the restaurant and hotel sectors.

The units, which can be installed on the wall, roof or behind stores, are particularly suited for urban locations with limited space. According to Panasonic, the condensing units are very easy to install and are rated to operate in very high ambient temperatures (43°C/109°F)

Panasonic aims to convert 100% of its remote-type (condensing unit and rack) refrigeration systems to CO2 (R744) by 2030, said Hiroyuki Tominaga, Division Director for the Cold Chain Business Division of Panasonic Appliances Company last year at the ATMOsphere Japan 2021 conference.

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