Castel Pressure Relief Valves Receive ASME Approval
Castel produces a range of HVAC&R components, including safety valves for CO2-based applications. (Source: Castel)

Castel Pressure Relief Valves Receive ASME Approval

The Italian manufacturer says that meeting the American Society of Mechanical Engineers’ standards demonstrates its commitment to meeting the needs of the North American market.

Italian component manufacturer Castel has received approval from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) for its pressure relief valves, according to a statement from the company.

Gaining approval from the standard-setting body is an important part of the company’s efforts to meet the needs of the North American market, Castel said.

“For many years now, within the Castel product family, there have been components adhering to the UL standards, whether they are solenoid valves or control valves, and to maintain [our] position in [North America], the need arose to be able to offer safety devices also on the market,” explained the manufacturer. “For these devices to comply [in] the American territory, they must be designed and assembled in such a way as to satisfy the requirements of [ASME].”

To ensure its components meet the needs of particular markets around the world, such as in North America, Castel has had to adapt product design, manufacturing processes and testing in accordance with national standards and codes, it added.

Continuous expansion

The development of new products and expansion into new markets are important parts of Castel’s “continuous desire for growth,” the company said.

According to Alessandro Farina, Application Manager at Castel, the manufacturer has doubled its CO2 (R744) product portfolio and its production over the last four and five years, respectively.

In terms of expanding into new markets, the company recently established a subsidiary in the Middle East with the aim of securing a direct presence in the region.

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