Carrier Metro Ruse machinery
Carrier transcritical CO2 installation at a Metro store in Ruse, Bulgaria. Photo credit: Carrier.

Carrier CO2 Racks and Heat Pumps Now Available in North America

The company said its CO2 condensing units will also be available in the coming months.

Europe-based Carrier Commercial Refrigeration (CCR), part of the Carrier Global Corporation, has announced that its CO2 (R744) compressor racks and heat pumps for refrigeration systems are now available in North America.

CCR said it is “offering its technology to a wide range of verticals” and that it is strongly focusing on industrial applications as well as food and grocery retail and convenience stores. In addition to racks and heat pumps, the company said it will also offer CO2 condensing units in the coming months.

“We’re energized and eager to bring this innovative technology to North America to help create a more sustainable future for people and our planet,” said Jimmy Washington, North America Managing Director at CCR.

CCR said it will leverage its “extensive industry experience and know-how” to support its new North American customers. The expansion into the new market falls on the heels of last December’s agreement by the U.S.-based Carrier Group to sell CCR to Haier Smart Home, a division of Chinese manufacturer Haier. The sale is expected to close in the second half of 2024.

“The acquisition will help enable the company to capture additional growth opportunities by expanding its presence to food retail refrigeration and cold storage,” said Li Huagang, Chairman and CEO of Haier Smart Home, when the sale was announced.

The U.S. market for natural refrigeration systems, including transcritical CO2, is primed for growth. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency – as mandated by the American Innovation and Manufacturing (AIM) Act – has set a GWP limit of 150 for many types of new refrigeration equipment used in supermarkets and industrial facilities. Compliance dates start next year.

According to ATMOsphere’s 2023 Natural Refrigerants: State of the Industry report (p. 95), only 4.09% of all U.S. and Canadian grocery stores and supermarkets use transcritical CO2 systems. ATMOsphere is the publisher of

Transcritical CO2 is also used at just 498 industrial sites. While the report did not contain data on CO2 condensing units, it did note that interest in them is growing among North American supermarkets. In March, U.S.-based OEM Zero Zone launched a transcritical CO2 condensing unit designed for supermarkets and small industrial applications. In 2022, another U.S. manufacturer, Hillphoenix, released a CO2 condensing unit designed to serve both store cold rooms and cabinets.

CO2 product range

Carrier says that the knowledge gained from installing its first transcritical CO2 system in 2004 in a Swiss hypermarket helped in the development of CCR’s CO2OLtec line, which it launched in 2009.

Today, the company offers a variety of customized solutions for transcritical CO2 racks and heat pumps, with specific design focuses ranging from energy efficiency to temperature control, CCR explained. Heat recovery and patented ejector technology provide additional operational energy savings.

For medium-to-large supermarkets, CCR offers its MiniCO2OL and MiniCO2OL Compact, with medium-temperature (MT) refrigeration capacities from 40‒380kW (11‒108TR) and low-temperature (LT) capacities from 0‒110kW (0‒31TR).

The MaxiCO2OL offers refrigeration capacities from 200‒550kW (57‒156TR) MT and 0‒360kW (0‒102TR) LT for medium-to-large supermarkets and warehouses.

To increase energy efficiency, CCR offers its CO2OLtec Evo with a modulating ejector added to its Mini or MaxiCO2OL units to increase the cooling capacity range to 60‒660kW (17‒188TR) MT and 0‒450kW (128TR) LT. According to the company, adding the ejector provides a 20% energy savings.

The company’s PowerCO2OL compressor rack for industrial applications provides up to 1,500kW (427TR) MT and up to 500kW (142TR) LT refrigeration capacities.

CO2 heat pump/chiller solutions provided by CCR include the HeatCO2OL Commercial, with heating capacities up to 230kW (65TR) at 90°C (194°F), and the HeatCO2OL Industrial with heating capacities up to 2,200kW (626TR) at 90°C.

CCR’s packaged CO2 condensing units cover small store formats to warehouse applications and include:

  • QuietCO2OL, with 0.8‒9.1kW MT (0.2‒2.6TR) and 0.7‒6.5kW (0.2‒1.8TR) LT capacities
  • QuietCO2OL MC Indoor/Outdoor, with 2‒93.2kW (0.6‒26.5TR) MT and 2‒17.3kW (0.6‒4.9TR) LT capacities
  • MiniCO2OL Outdoor, with 50‒160kW (14.2‒45.5TR) MT and 5‒67kW (1.4‒19TR) LT capacities
  • GC5 CO2 Large Outdoor, with 60-380kW (17‒108TR) MT and 8‒170kW (2.3‒48.3TR) LT capacities

CCR recently announced the release of a new CO2 efficiency booster skid, dubbed the CO2OLtec EB. When added to a transcritical rack, the company said it reduces energy consumption by up to 10% compared to conventional CO2 booster systems. As an add-on, the unit comes in four models for MT applications and three for LT.

“We’re energized and eager to bring this innovative technology to North America to help create a more sustainable future for people and our planet.”

Jimmy Washington, North America MD at CCR

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