Carly CO2 oil separator
CO2 oil separator

Carly Finalizes Technical Documentation for Transcritical CO2 Oil Separator

French component manufacturer Carly has finalized the technical documentation for its TURBOIL-R-P14 oil separator, which is designed for use in subcritical and transcritical CO2 (R744) applications.

According to the company, its oil separator – which was launched in 2018 and has been “developed based on years of research” – has a maximum working pressure of up to 140bar (2030psi) at 160°C (320°F).

The device is used to separate and recover the oil that is “entrained in the vapor-phase refrigerant” at the compressor outlet, explained Carly in the technical documents. It limits the quantity of oil in the circuit to increase heat exchanger performance and reduces compressor vibration by providing high-pressure oil return to compressor crankcases.

“By choosing TURBOIL-R-P14 oil separator tanks, you can avoid having to install a separate oil receiver,” the company added.

Up to 99.5% efficiency

Carly recommends its TURBOIL-R-P14 oil separator for low-temperature CO2 applications and claims up to a 99.5% efficiency at all operating speeds.

The “maintenance-free” device includes an integrated oil reservoir and the presence of a permanent magnet helps to trap metal particles.

“The reliability and efficiency of TURBOIL-R-P14 oil separators are achieved thanks to a new Carly-patented process, which simultaneously combines two separation chambers – a static separation chamber and a dynamic separation chamber,” explained the manufacturer.

“The reliability and efficiency of TURBOIL-R-P14 oil separators are achieved thanks to a new Carly-patented process.”Carly

The component is available in a number of models, with different connection dimensions and varying working conditions. Depending on the model, the oil separator can be mounted vertically or horizontally, and for models with sight glasses, “the sight glass can be replaced with an adapter for mounting a level switch,” it added.

To serves its strong European customer base, the TURBOIL-R-P14 oil separator’s technical documentation is currently available in EnglishFrenchGerman and Spanish.

According to Cyrille Berthet, CEO of Carly, the company is seeing “great success” in Europe while also experiencing “very strong growth” in Japan. To meet increasing demand for natural refrigerant-based technologies, Carly will continue to develop its refrigeration components for CO2 systems, he added.

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