Carel A3-Ready Components photo credit: Carel.
Carel three-phase inverter, photo credit: Carel.

Carel to Show New ‘A3-Ready’ Components for Residential Heat Pumps at MCE

The OEM will present a high-temperature hermetic expansion valve and a three-phase inverter with active power factor correction.

Italian component manufacturer Carel has announced in a LinkedIn post that it will showcase two new “A3-ready” components for residential heat pumps, its E2V-K hermetic electronic expansion valve and a three-phase inverter with active power factor correction (PFC), at the 2024 Mostra Convegno Expocomfort (MCE).

Both products are defined by Carel as safe for use with A3 refrigerants, which includes hydrocarbons such as propane (R290). MCE will be held March 12‒15 in Milan, Italy, at the Fiera Milano Exhibition Center.

Carel said in a press release, “[Our] commitment to reducing emissions can be seen in the most innovative offering ever presented, a suite of components for optimum management of heat pump refrigerant circuits, made in accordance with the latest safety regulations on the use of electronic devices with units that use flammable refrigerants.”

In its LinkedIn post, Carel says the E2V-K electronic expansion valve is safe at temperatures of up to 100°C (212°F) and is “ideal for heat pumps using propane, the natural refrigerant universally adopted by manufacturers for new units.” The electronic expansion valve has received UL Certification and complies with the European Union’s ATEX standard. It is available in a range of sizes and can facilitate a variety of heating capacities.

The three-phase inverter, whose operation was described in an issue of JARN (p. 18), is designed to control the DC permanent magnet compressors typically used in residential heat pumps. It operates as a power converter for applications with inverter compressors and permanent magnetic synchronous motors.

According to Carel, the three-phase inverter is equipped with integrated active filters that keep harmonic distortions to a minimum throughout the operating range while ensuring a high power factor. Another feature of the inverter is a flexible cooling system suitable for different installation modes.

“[The design] improves energy efficiency [and] extends the compressor working range, ensuring constant delivery of voltage by the inverter to the compressor,” Carel said in a press release.

Commercial refrigeration projects 

Along with its residential heat pump components, Carel has also left its mark on the R290 commercial refrigeration space in recent years.

Carel supported the development of Lithuanian commercial refrigeration manufacturer Freor’s Continuous Cooling technology, used in its R290 frozen food cabinets and medium-temperature (MT) cases. Continuous Cooling regulates the compressor speed to optimize temperature control and minimize cabinet temperature fluctuations using “advanced algorithms.”

Rytis Bernatonis, CEO and Founder of Freor, told in an interview at the 2023 EuroShop trade show that Continuous Cooling technology led to a reduction in energy consumption for frozen food cabinets of up to 70% and an energy reduction of up to 30% for MT cases.

In addition to its work with Freor, Carel tested total control and monitoring for the transcritical CO2 (R744) racks and R290 plug-in spot merchandisers at two ALDI US locations, according to Giacomo Favari, North American Refrigeration Marketing Manager at Carel. Favari shared details of the tests in a presentation at ATMOsphere America 2023. ATMOsphere, the publisher of, organized the event, which was held in Washington, D.C.

“By providing the monitoring system, we are able to build synergies among every single element of the system, including heat reclaim,” Favari said.

Favari reported that the grocer had contracted with Carel to similarly equip 15 new ALDI US stores by the end of 2023.

“The E2V-K electronic expansion valve is ideal for heat pumps using propane.”


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