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ECOMOD 290HT heat pump. Image credit: Ideal Heating.

British Boilermaker Ideal Heating Launches Air-Source Commercial R290 and CO2 Heat Pump Lines

The R290 monoblock provides hot water at up to 75°C while the CO2 monoblock offers hot water at up to 70°C.

British boilermaker Ideal Heating has announced the launch of a commercial air-to-water propane (R290) monobloc heat pump line that provides up to 75°C (167°F) hot water along with a CO2 (R744) monobloc offering 70°C (158°F) hot water.

According to the company, both units are designed for district heating and domestic hot water applications, with inverter-controlled compressor technology “enhancing building efficiencies” by “accurately” matching heat pump operation to heating demand. In addition, the units can be installed with other Ideal Heating products like the company’s commercial condensing boilers to create “low carbon” hybrid systems.

“We have led the way in commercial heating by ensuring our heating products are at the forefront of technology, quality and design by delivering high efficiency and low running costs,” said Chris Caton, Head of Commercial Product Management at Ideal Heating.

The outdoor R290 unit, dubbed ECOMOD 290HT, comes in three chassis sizes and with five outputs: 15, 18, 27, 40 and 50kW (4.3, 5.1, 7.7, 11.4 and 14.2TR). The company said that up to seven units can be combined in a cascade for applications requiring higher capacities.

The CO2 heat pump, the ECOMOD CO2, is capable of providing 70°C hot water and comes in a standard or a quiet version with three outputs: 65, 95 and 130kW (18.5, 27 and 37TR), with higher outputs available by installing units back-to-back. Per Ideal Heating, the ECOMOD CO2’s “innovative space-saving design” means it can be installed flush against a wall.

Increased domestic manufacturing: Other manufacturers in the United Kingdom are also anticipating a surge in demand for natural refrigerant heat pumps and are responding accordingly.

  • Earlier this year, U.K.-based OEM Claude Engineering Systems announced the expansion of its residential and commercial R290 heat pump lines and the launch of a new line of CO2 units for space heating and hot water.
  • U.S.-based OEM Copeland is adding a 3,500m2 (37,673ft2) building expansion at its compressor manufacturing facility in Cookstown, Northern Ireland. The expansion will add new product lines and increase production capacity to “meet the European demand for sustainable, low-carbon heat pumps,” Copeland said.

Government funding: The U.K. government is providing funding to support heat pump manufacturers and make it easier for consumers to adopt the technology.

  • The government recently announced £1.77 million (€2.06 million/$2.22 million) in grant funding for three natural refrigerant heat pump companies, part of a larger tranche of funding for heat pump manufacturers available through its Heat Pump Ready Initiative.
  • Funding was also recently increased for the government’s Boiler Upgrade Scheme, which provides grants to homeowners replacing boilers with “low-carbon” alternatives such as heat pumps. The grant jumped from £5,000 (€5,809/$6,263) to £7,500 (€8,713/$9,378), with the program lasting to the end of 2027.

Quotable: “This latest, innovative addition to our ECOMOD heat pump range, featuring natural refrigerants with ultra-low GWP, will ensure our customers have the best and most advanced solutions for heating and hot water while helping businesses in the U.K. on their journey to net zero,” said Caton.

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