A graphic advertising the ATMO Europe Summit 2024, which will be held in Prague from November 25-26.

ATMO Europe 2024 Is Set for November 25–26 in Prague; Registration Open

ATMOsphere is offering an early bird discount of up to €200 on standard tickets until April 4 and free tickets for end users.

ATMOsphere, publisher of R744.com, has announced that the dates for its ATMOsphere (ATMO) Europe Summit 2024 will be Monday, November 25, and Tuesday, November 26, 2024, in Prague, Czech Republic, and registration is open.

The 14th ATMO Europe Summit will gather key industry experts, including manufacturers, policymakers, end users and contractors, to learn about the latest developments in natural refrigerant-based HVAC&R systems, including those using CO2 (R744), hydrocarbons and ammonia (R717). This is the first time ATMO Europe will be held in Prague. Last year’s ATMO Europe Summit was held in Brussels.

You can now register for the event here and find the preliminary program and other information on the event website. ATMOsphere is offering an early bird discount of up to €200 ($218) on standard tickets until April 4. End users can register for free, as can government personnel, employees of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and members of the press. Contractors/installers of HVAC&R systems are eligible to receive one free ticket per organization, with a 50% discount on additional tickets.

The Gold sponsors of ATMO Europe 2024 are TEKO and Zudek. Information on sponsorships can be found here.

The program will feature panel discussions on training, policy and end-user experiences; technology case studies about natural refrigerants in commercial and industrial refrigeration applications, heat pumps and mobile air-conditioning (MAC) systems, and keynote presentations. There will also be a panel discussion of PFAS policy, which will touch on the importance of how these “forever chemicals” are defined and the impact of HFOs and their TFA (trifluoroacetic acid) degradation product on our health, safety and the environment.

Presentations from last year’s ATMO Europe can be found here.

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