Alfa Laval's new T21 plate heat exchanger
Alfa Laval's new T21 plate heat exchanger

Alfa Laval Releases New Plate-and-Frame Heat Exchanger

The various plate materials and pressing depths of the T21 unit offer “efficient” heat transfer to more industries.

Swedish manufacturer Alfa Laval recently announced the release of its new T21 gasketed plate-and-frame heat exchanger (GPHE) to “enable energy efficiency across most industries.”

Alfa Laval heat exchangers are used in ammonia (R717) and CO2 (R744) applications.

The T21 GPHE replaces Alfa Laval’s “popular” T20 model, Alfa Laval said, adding that the T21’s frame can handle up to 40bar (600psi) of pressure, and is more compact, convenient and adaptable.

“Now we are working to push even further with the T21,” said Julien Gennetier, President of the Business Unit GPHE at Alfa Laval. “Thanks to several plate materials and pressing depths, we can now offer efficient heat transfer to even more industries.”

Alfa Laval offers a “wide array” of plate options with the T21, the company said, citing its application to HVAC, industrial heat pumps, refrigeration plants, data centers, power plants, green hydrogen producers and sulfuric acid production. In addition, the company says the more compact design of the T21 makes it convenient to install and service.

“Efficient heat transfer can save millions of tons of CO2,” said Alfa Laval, noting that increased efficiency could account for 40% of emission reductions in the next 20 years. The company feels the T21 can “boost” its customers’ sustainability journey.

Compiled Energy Reduction

At Alfa Laval’s Net Zero Launch Event held last September, Thomas Møller, President of the company’s Energy Division, reported Alfa Laval had sold “millions” of its heat exchangers, helping its customers save 100GW of energy.

The event included discussions about how Alfa Laval seeks to “combat climate challenges,” including the application of its thermal image recognition software developed in partnership with Microsoft AI to identify and fix operational issues with its heat exchangers and hybrid air coolers.

“Fouling, clogging and maldistribution will impact a gasketed plate heat exchanger’s performance,” said Alfa Laval. “Detecting these problems on time will open up [an] untapped source of savings.”

Another climate issue discussed was the rising number of data centers. “By 2030, [data centers] will consume 20% of all global energy, with 40% of that going to cooling,” said Fredrik Ekström, President of the Business Unit Brazed and Fusion Bonded Heat Exchangers at Alfa Laval.

“Now we are putting our expertise to help the data center industry overcome their sustainability challenges,” said Anna Blomborg, Industry Manager of Data Centers at Alfa Laval. At data centers of all sizes, Alfa Laval’s heat exchangers can reclaim heat, as well as provide energy-efficient liquid cooling, Blomborg added.

Alfa Laval is a global provider of products and engineering solutions for heat transfer, centrifugal separation and fluid handling. With 20,300 employees, its products and services are available to industries in 100 countries.

“Now we are working to push even further with the T21.”

Julien Gennetier, President of the Business Unit GPHE at Alfa Laval

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