Alfa Laval AC65 heat exchanger for R290

Alfa Laval Launches R290 Heat Exchanger for Residential Heat Pumps

The AC65 heat exchanger is optimized to work as an evaporator and can give heat pumps a COP above 4.5.

Swedish component manufacturer Alfa Laval has launched new brazed-plate heat exchanger for propane (R290), the AC65, that is optimized to work as an evaporator in residential heat pump applications.

The AC65 R290 heat exchanger has a tall and thin design, which creates a high thermal length, said Alfa Laval in a statement on its website. This means that heat pumps designed to use it can reach a COP above 4.5 at nominal conditions, the company added. i The design also “guarantees that the unit is not only a highly effective evaporator, but is also a great condenser for reversible heat pumps.

The AC65 was launched in response to the shift away from traditional boilers to heat pumps. This shift has resulted in an increased demand for “high-performance, premium-quality” heat exchangers optimized especially for heat pumps, Alfa Laval said.

The units are produced at Alfa Laval’s factory in San Bonifacio, Italy, which has high production capacity, meaning that the AC65 R290 heat exchanger is cost-competitive, while still “meeting the highest quality standards.”

“With double the production space of its predecessor and a state-of-the-art thermal lab, the San Bonifacio plant makes it possible to test all new refrigerants safely, including flammable refrigerants, such as propane,” said Fredrik Ekström, President of Alfa Laval’s Business Unit Brazed & Fusion Bonded Heat Exchangers.

FlexFlow and DynaStatic distribution

One of the benefits of the AC65 brazed-plate heat exchanger is the asymmetric FlexFlow design, making it possible to minimize the refrigerant charge. This is especially important for systems using flammable refrigerants like R290 that are restricted by safety legislation. The asymmetric design can also reduce the pressure drop on the secondary side, making it possible to use a smaller pump and less electricity.

A second novel feature of the AC65 is its DynaStatic distribution system, developed by Alfa Laval. This technology makes it possible to adjust the geometry of the refrigerant distributor. “The AC65 can be adapted to meet future trends and customer needs, including changes in application requirements, new refrigerants, or any other requests,” said Ekström.

The AC65 is not the only recent addition to the Alfa Laval portfolio of natural refrigerant heat exchangers. The company has also launched the AC540, a family of CO2 (R744) optimized models designed for flooded and DX evaporation.

“The AC65 can be adapted to meet future trends and customer needs, including changes in application requirements, new refrigerants, or any other requests”

Fredrik Ekström, Alfa Laval

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