Axiom Cloud advisory board
Axiom Cloud’s advisory board will help the company drive transformational change in the commercial refrigeration sector. Clockwise from top left: Anthony Diamond, Andrew Mastracci, Dick Torpey, Chris Preston, Robert Eidson, Pete Cuneo and Paul Wickberg.

AI Firm Axiom Cloud Taps HVAC&R Industry Experts for Advisory Board

With over 128 years of HVAC&R experience between them, members of the board will help Axiom drive transformational change in the commercial refrigeration sector.

Axiom Cloud, a U.S. refrigeration software and automation specialist, has announced the formation of an advisory board. With expertise in refrigeration, retail and software, members of the board will help accelerate Axiom’s mission to “use software and automation to transform how the world’s cooling systems are powered, operated and maintained.”

Axiom’s advisory board includes Pete Cuneo, Robert Eidson, Dick Torpey and Paul Wickberg, who have more than 128 years of HVAC&R industry experience between them. Anthony Diamond, Andrew Mastracci and Chris Preston join the board from the tech industry.

“Driving transformational change in the commercial refrigeration industry is hard,” said Axiom CEO, Amrit Robbins. “These industry leaders have already helped us by recommending strategic adjustments, removing obstacles and making introductions to the right industry stakeholders – we’re proud to formalize our affiliation with this incredible group of folks.”

Through its suite of apps, Axiom works to solve food retail’s biggest energy and maintenance challenges by adding artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning into existing refrigeration systems. By predicting equipment issues, improving system efficiency, identifying and minimizing refrigerant leaks and enhancing load flexibility, Axiom aims to make cooling systems more sustainable.

Sprouts Farmers Market, which was the first U.S. retailer to use a transcritical CO2 (R744) refrigeration system with an energy-saving ejector, is deploying Axiom’s refrigeration software and automation in dozens of its stores in Northern California.

Axiom’s advisory board members

Pete Cuneo has 40 years’ experience in the supermarket industry and will advise Axiom on refrigeration maintenance, controls and industry best practices. Cuneo has optimized stores for major chains including Walmart, Whole Foods and Kroger – and as Facility Manager at The Fresh Market, Cuneo reduced energy consumption by 19%. He continues to use his expertise to reduce energy and maintenance costs for multiple nationwide chains as Project Manager at SEER2, HVAC and commercial refrigeration specialists.

“The refrigeration industry has needed a solution like Axiom’s for years now,” said Cuneo. “Axiom has built a great product, and I’m looking forward to the day when more of SEER2’s customers have Axiom’s apps in their stores.”

Anthony Diamond, Ph.D., is a technology expert who will advise Axiom on a broad range of topics such as machine learning, product roadmaps and intellectual property.

Robert Eidson has over 28 years of experience working in HVAC&R and energy management systems (EMS) and will advise Axiom on all things related to refrigeration, including EMS integrations, process improvement and root cause analysis for predictive maintenance. Eidson is currently Vice President at CoolSys Energy Solutions and specializes in using process improvements and capital deployment to reduce operation costs.

“Commercial refrigeration is facing a massive shortage of qualified technicians, and the right software solution could help address this critical issue,” said Eidson. “Axiom caught my attention because of the results they have driven with large retailers, and I’m looking forward to helping them bring cloud analytics and IoT [the internet of things] to this space.”

“Commercial refrigeration is facing a massive shortage of qualified technicians, and the right software solution could help address this critical issue.”

Robert Eidson, CoolSys Energy Solutions

Andrew Mastracci has a background in software-as-a-service (SaaS) and will advise Axiom on cloud architecture and IoT.

Chris Preston is an experienced sales and marketing executive for technology companies and will advise Axiom on sales, marketing and go-to-market strategies.

Dick Torpey is a sales leader with over 30 years’ experience in the food retail and HVAC industries and will advise Axiom on sales strategy and customer success. Torpey was previously Vice President of Global Sales at Emerson Retail Solutions, where he managed a global and diverse sales force focused on selling complex solutions to supermarkets and convenience stores.

Paul Wickberg has 30 years’ experience in business management, energy efficiency, indoor air quality and sustainability in the HVAC&R industry and will advise Axiom on business development, sales, and growth. Currently the Vice President of Business Development at alpscontrols, Wickberg is an expert at turning growing software companies into industry leaders.

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