AHT R290 Multideck Case
AHT BOREA R290 Multideck Case. Photo Credit: AHT.

AHT Launches New R290 Plug-in and Semi-Plug-in Multideck Refrigerated Cases

The Austrian manufacturer has also launched a new remote CO2 multideck case.

Austrian manufacturer AHT, a member of the Daikin group and manufacturer of commercial refrigerated cases, has announced the launch of BOREA, its newest propane (R290) refrigerated multideck case available in plug-in and semi-plug-in (SPI) models.

According to the company, BOREA units equipped with glass doors consume 40% less energy than the VENTO series, the case’s predecessor, while increasing the total display area by 6%.

The BOREA line offers temperature ranges for the storage and display of meat and fish (−1 to 2°C/30.2 to 35.6°F), dairy products (with three settings ranging from −1 to 7°C/30.2 to 44.6°F, depending on the category) and chilled fruits and vegetables (1 to 10°C/33.8 to 50°F).

All AHT products come compatible with the company’s active monitoring system (AMS). “With our AMS, we detect issues before [clients] even notice them,” AHT says.

Improved design

AHT said BOREA takes “a step further” in energy efficiency and design than the outgoing VENTO series.

“With energy efficiency index (EEI) from B to E and multi-circuit technology for larger models, BOREA guarantees energy efficiency, redundancy and temperature stability,” AHT said, adding that the SPI variant offers unparalleled” temperature stability in locations with higher ambient temperatures.

In addition, the SPI cabinet recovers waste heat through piping on the refrigeration shelf, the manufacturer said. The heat can be reused for space heating or directed to an external pump station and condenser, which AHT says eliminates the need for a separate machine room.

According to the company, an R290 hermetically sealed cooling system that minimizes refrigerant leakage forms the core of the new line, with all units tested to VDE (Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies) safety standards.

The new frame construction enables the units to be placed directly against store walls and connected to a building’s existing condensate water drainage system, explained AHT. Installation configurations include standalone, block, island and corner.

Customization options include bumper design, end glass walls, interior fittings and the ability to place LED lighting vertically, on shelves or as a canopy.

The company plans to expand the BOREA series to include CO2 (R744) refrigerant options.

“With energy efficiency index (EEI) from B to E and multi-circuit technology for larger models, BOREA guarantees energy efficiency, redundancy and temperature stability.”


CO2 VENTO cabinets

Earlier this year, AHT announced the launch of remote CO2-based multideck VENTO refrigeration cabinets, with five temperature settings ranging from −1 to 10°C for displaying meat and fish, dairy products, beverages, prepared meals and cooled produce.

AHT VENTO Multideck Display Cabinet
AHT VENTO Multideck Display Cabinet. Photo Credit: AHT.

“Since its initial introduction in 2016, the [R290] VENTO refrigeration multideck has established itself as a reliable solution for supermarkets and discount stores, and it now expands its portfolio by incorporating the CO2 refrigerant,” the company said, with models available in plug-in and SPI variants. Installation configurations include standalone, row, block and island.

According to AHT, the updated cases ‒ compatible with “all common” CO2 compressors, including Daikin ZEAS compressors ‒ offer a broad temperature range and maintain stable temperature control.

The company remarked that offering a CO2 version allows end users to use waste heat for space heating or hot water. “This makes the VENTO CO2 system environmentally friendly [and] exceptionally energy efficient,” AHT said.

ATMOsphere, publisher of NaturalRefrigerants.com, has sent a query to AHT, seeking details about the CO2-based VENTO unit.

Headquartered in Rottenmann, Austria, and with production sites and sales offices around the globe, AHT has manufactured R290 display cabinets for more than 20 years. The company launched its first remote CO2 cabinet in 2021.

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