AHR Expo 2024 took place at Chicago's McCormick Place January 22-24
AHR Expo 2024 took place at Chicago's McCormick Place January 22-24

AHR Expo: More CO2 Refrigeration Products to Be Made in North America

Copeland, Danfoss, LU-VE Group and SWEP plan to make CO2-based products in North America to meet growing demand.

Several companies said at the AHR Expo 2024 trade show at McCormick Place in Chicago this week that they plan to manufacture CO2 (R744)-related products in North America to meet the growing demand for transcritical CO2 systems.

  • U.S. manufacturer Copeland, which has been producing semi-hermetic reciprocating medium-temperature CO2 compressors in the Czech Republic, will begin manufacturing them in February in its plant in Rushville, Indiana, said Andre Patenaude, Director, Solution Strategy, for Copeland. The company will begin producing its low-temperature scroll CO2 compressors, heretofore made in Ireland, in Sydney, Ohio, in February as well. Last November, Copeland announced its plans for U.S. production of these compressors but did not indicate a start date. The U.S.-based manufacturing is aimed at “supporting our U.S. customers,” said Patenaude.
  • Danish manufacturer Danfoss will be introducing its first transcritical CO2 condensing unit in the U.S. in November and producing it across the Texas border in Monterrey, Mexico, said Shane Olson, Refrigeration System Solutions Sales Leader-North America.
  • Italian manufacturer LU-VE Group will be making its adiabatic gas coolers for transcritical COsystems in Texas, starting next year, said Rodolfo Cavicchioli, Business Development Manager North America for LU-VE Group.
  • Swedish heat exchanger manufacturer SWEP will be making its new CO2 heat exchangers in the U.S. starting next year, said Blake Favara, Business Development Engineer at SWEP.

In other AHR Expo news:

  • Italian component manufacturer Teklab said it has gained UL certification for its range of oil regulators for CO2 systems.
  • Canadian manufacturer NDL Industries has released a new 120bar DN65 stainless steel valve for CO2 industrial applications, about 2.5in in diameter.
  • U.S. component manufacturer Westermeyer Industries introduced its first centrifugal oil separator for CO2, rated at 130bar.
  • US manufacturer SPX Technologies showcased its new adiabatic heat exchanger for CO2, ammonia and fluid cooling applications.
  • Japanese manufacturer Saginomiya displayed a new CO2 pressure switch with an extended flare connection and a new pressure sensor with a packard connector.
  • U.S. heat pump producer Intellihot showed a new commercial CO2 domestic water heat pump, which it has begun installing in the Washington, D.C., school system.

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