Advansor to Ship CO2 Heat Pump to Denmark for District Heating
Advansor's 1.5MW CO2 heat pump on display at Chillventa

Advansor to Ship CO2 Heat Pump from Chillventa to Denmark for District Heating Installation

Two 1.5MW CO2 heat pumps will provide heating and cooling for almost 300 households.

Danish OEM Advansor will be installing two 1.5MW (427TR) CO2 (R744) heat pumps – including one that was displayed at the Chillventa trade show in Germany this week – at a district heating plant in Frederiks, Denmark.

The two heat pumps will provide heating for almost 300 households, encompassing almost 2,000 people, according to Lisette Lykke Hansen, Advansor’s Strategic Marketing and Digitalization Manager.

Notably, the heat pumps will replace fossil fuel (natural gas)-based heating at the district heating plant, addressing climate change and the gas shortfall from the Russian invasion of Ukraine, “This is a key opportunity,” said Kristian Breitenbauch, CEO. Of Advansor, in an interview at Chillventa, which took place in Nuremberg, Germany October 11–13. “People understand we have to get rid of the fossil fuels.”

Breitenbauch stressed that the heat pumps are reversible and will also provide comfort cooling. “We want to push this as a ‘climate solution,’” he said. If we don’t do it as a climate solution, then we waste heating or we waste cooling.” The Frederiks heat pumps can be used to cool solar panels, boosting the panels’ efficiency.

The use of CO2 as the refrigerant in the heat pumps is another advantage, said Breitenbauch. “We only use CO2, so we’re getting rid of all the worst chemicals.” In addition, COenables the heat pump to deliver heating at higher temperatures – 85°C (185°F), or “10°C (18°F) above what you need,” he said.

Advansor plans to install 14–15 more CO2 heat pumps in Europe before Christmas, said Breitenbauch.

Advansor has previously installed CO2 heat pumps at district heating plant in Solrød, Denmark, and an energy plant in Billingstad, Norway.

All-in-one units

At Chillventa, Advansor featured other CO2 racks, also under the heading of “climate solution,” that offer refrigeration, freezing, AC and heating in one unit, with a range from 10 kW (2.8TR) to 1 MW (284TR) . 

In particular, its new CuBig II system, on display at Chillventa, provides 450kW (128TR)  of cooling and 600kW (171TR) of heating.

The new CuBig II features many energy-saving technologies, including permanent magnet motors on all compressors, and frequency converters on the MT (medium temperature) 1 and LT (low temperature) 1 compressors, as standard equipment. It also has optional heat recovery, using the excess heat from the cooling processes for space heating or hot water production, helping customers save further on energy bills.  

“People understand we have to get rid of fossil fuels.”

Kristian Breitenbauch, CEO. Of Advansor

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