Advansor CO2 refrigeration training
Advansor CO2 Refrigeration Training Online

Advansor Launches New Online CO2 Training Course

The free eight-module course, available in several languages, covers commissioning and servicing of refrigeration systems.

Danish OEM Advansor has launched a new eight-module online course on CO2 (R744) refrigeration training that covers commissioning and servicing of refrigeration systems and includes information about the functioning and commissioning of heat recovery.

The free course is available in several European languages. Each module lasts an hour. Registration for the course is here.

The first modules of the Danish and Swedish courses start January 11, the English course on January 18. Courses in German, French and Spanish will follow in February and March.

The course “provides basic knowledge about CO2 as well as concrete advice, guidance and best practices,” Advansor said in a statement.

Advansor has had good success with its previous online courses. “Our online training courses are very popular, and we have many registrations,” said Advansor Aftersales Director Kent Lejsgaard Poulsen. “We only get positive feedback, and the participants are especially happy that they can ask many questions directly to our technicians.”

The Advansor CO2 refrigeration training modules will cover the following topics:

  1. How to find, read and understand technical documentation.
  2. The function and design of the discharge side on the rack, and focus points during installation.
  3. The function and design of the gas bypass valve, intermediate-temperature compressor and liquid line of the rack and how they influence each other.
  4. The function, design and commissioning of heat recovery. How to get the highest possible benefit from heat recovery.
  5. How the low-temperature compressors work, how the low-temperature desuperheater works and why it is important for some installations.
  6. How to prepare for commissioning.
  7. How to commission an Advansor system.
  8. How to service Advansor racks and work with Advansor. What technicians should have in their toolboxes, and order beforehand. Explanation of service level and how Advansor can support technicians.

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