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Maersk Hamilton - Advansor blast freezer rack. Photo credit: Advansor

Advansor CO2 Rack Supplies Cooling, Freezing, Air-Conditioning and Heating for Maersk Cold Storage Facility in New Zealand

The new facility provides 16,000m2 of “fully convertible” temperature-controlled space, ranging from -25 to 15°C.

Danish OEM Advansor, a leading designer and manufacturer of CO2 (R744) systems for commercial and light industrial applications, has supplied seven SteelXL CO2 racks to Danish shipping giant Maersk for use in a new cold storage facility near Hamilton, New Zealand.

With an expected facility start-up in late 2023, the racks will supply cooling, freezing, air-conditioning and heating in one system for the 45,000m2 (484,376ft2) distribution facility, Advansor said in a press release, with cold storage for 21,000 pallet positions. Moreover, the facility provides 16,000m2 (172,223ft2) of “fully convertible,” temperature-controlled space, ranging from -25 to 15°C (-13 to 59°F). 

Three racks, with a 702kW (200TR) capacity each, will supply meat blast freezing at -45°C (-49°F). “For logistical purposes, the blast freezers have been designed in two, so each module could be placed in 40ft [12.2m] containers,” Advansor noted. The remaining four racks cover the needs for cold food storage.

“As part of Maersk’s commitment to reach net zero, the new distribution center in Hamilton will feature advanced energy management,” Advansor said. In regard to the CO2 system, this includes heat recovery and permanent magnet motors on compressors.

“Heat recovery [will be] used for defrosting, floor heating and hot tap water [to] help reduce energy consumption, making the solution both sustainable and cost-effective,” the manufacturer indicated. “The permanent magnet motor compressors ensure an extra 7‒8% energy savings.”

According to Advansor, the facility specifications for the CO2 refrigeration system include:

  • 0.9 MW(256TR) cooling capacity;
  • 2.1 MW(597TR) blast freezing capacity;
  • 1.7 MW (483TR) freezing capacity;
  • 0.15 MW (43TR) air-conditioning capacity; and
  • 2 MW(567TR) heating capacity.

“This cold storage facility will cater [to] national and international supply chains,” said Henrik Jensen, Managing Director of Maersk Oceania, in a previous article. “It will enable us to be flexible and agile in our operations to ensure we can match customers’ needs with seasonal demand.”

Committed to sustainability

“Maersk is committed to the Science Based Target Initiatives and aims to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions in 2040,” Advansor said. Their targets include the logistic company’s ocean fleet and land-based operations.

“Maersk and Advansor have a shared vision of becoming carbon neutral,” Advansor noted, adding that is why Maersk picked Advansor to supply the CO2 refrigeration system for its new Hamilton facility. Advansor seeks to be carbon neutral in 2025.

The Hamilton facility’s additional energy management features include a low-carbon construction policy, rainwater collection system and solar energy.

“With the new facility in place and its close integration with Maersk’s logistics solutions, we will offer more transparency and visibility of refrigerated cargoes and help customers build more efficient and resilient supply chains,” said Tony Mildon, Head of Reefer at Maersk Oceania, in the R744 article.

Headquartered in Brabrand, Denmark, Advansor has produced over 14,000 CO2 systems with installations in over 30 countries.

“Heat recovery [will be] used for defrosting, floor heating and hot tap water [to] help reduce energy consumption, making the solution both sustainable and cost-effective.”


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