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2024 IIAR Conference Preview: Technical Presentations, Product Showcases and RETA Training

Technical presentations and product showcases highlight the industry’s evolving regulations, trends and products.

With IIAR now doing business as the International Institute of All-Natural Refrigeration, the 2024 IIAR Expo is dedicated to the natural refrigeration industry, with manufacturer exhibits and product showcases for systems using ammonia (R717), CO2 (R744) and hydrocarbon refrigerants.

The event, which the IIAR sais is the “largest” exposition of natural refrigeration products and services, will be held in Orlando, Florida, March 24‒27.

“We provide an unrivaled opportunity for professionals in the natural refrigeration industry to connect, obtain professional education, expand their knowledge, and learn about the industry’s latest innovations and products,” IIAR says on its conference website.

Founded in 1971 as the International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration, IIAR has become the industry code setter for the proper and safe use of ammonia refrigerant. The association provides standards and training to enable the industry to comply with changing regulations, including the most recent application of the General Duty Clause of the U.S. Clean Air Act.

Technical presentations

The topics for hour-long technical presentations on March 25 and 26 range from carbon tracking to optimizing energy use in transcritical CO2 systems to indications of potential piping issues in older systems.

On March 25 from 4‒6 pm, Marc Chasserot ‒ Co-Founder and Owner of ATMOsphere, publisher of Ammonia21.com ‒ will participate in a panel discussing global perspectives on integrating natural refrigerants.

Hannes Steyn, Director of Heating and Refrigeration Technologies at GEA Refrigeration Africa, will discuss the potential energy savings using ammonia systems with low-stage desuperheating on March 25 at 4 pm and March 26 at 3:30 pm.

In a presentation given in Spanish on March 25 at 2:30 pm, Gerardo Lozano, Business Development Manager for Latin America at Baltimore Aircoil Company, will discuss how hybrid and adiabatic technology can reduce energy and water consumption in commercial and industrial applications.

Product showcases

According to IIAR, the exhibitor product showcases are back due to popular demand, with presentations on March 25 and 26. In 20-minute blocks, 20 participating companies will “present practical solutions” applicable to the industry while “highlighting a product or service.”

Some of the companies participating include:

Energy Recovery, presenting “Maximizing Energy Efficiency of Transcritical CO2 Refrigeration with PX G1300.”

Image provided by Energy Recovery
Image provided by Energy Recovery

“We [will] showcase our PX G1300 pressure exchanger, an energy efficiency device that reduces energy costs, increases cooling capacity and is universally compatible with existing rack controllers,” said Energy Recovery.

Hillphoenix, presenting “Hillphoenix and Transcritical CO2 for the Industrial Refrigeration Industry.”

Image provided by Hillphoenix
Image provided by Hillphoenix

“As more companies switch to CO2, education on the wide range of CO2 systems and the tangible benefits they offer for industrial refrigeration applications is critical,” said Sam Gladis, Industrial Sales Manager at Hillphoenix.

Vilter by Copeland, presenting “CO2 Simplicity Now: How a Purpose-Built Compressor Can Accelerate Your Plans.”

Image provided by Copeland
Image provided by Copeland

“Copeland’s commercial CO2 expertise provides the unmatched experience needed to meet the rigors of high-pressure industrial CO2 compression,” said Michael Gersmeyer, Senior Product Manager at Vilter for Copeland.

Copeland has just announced it has in production its “first generation of industrial transcritical CO2 compressors” through its Vilter brand.

Zero Zone, presenting “Beyond Tomorrow: Future-Proof Innovations.”

The company has informed ATMOsphere that it is launching two new modular products that use natural refrigerants at the expo. “Be the first to see what we are bringing to the marketplace by visiting booth 1017,” Zero Zone said.

Danfoss, presenting “Danfoss NeoCharge: Optimizing Low-Charge Ammonia Systems.”

Image provided by Danfoss
mage provided by Danfoss

“Our products epitomize efficiency, reliability, and sustainability,” said Hernan Hidalgo, Danfoss Sales Director for Industrial Refrigeration, with its NeoCharge an actuator for motorized valves.

MAGNA Industrial Refrigeration will also be exhibiting at the event.

Image provided by MAGNA Industrial Refrigeration
Image provided by MAGNA Industrial Refrigeration

“We are excited to showcase our industrial warehouse unit coolers, which sets a new standard for large cold-storage and food-processing facilities,” said Mark Dutton, Cold Storage Leader at MAGNA Industrial Refrigeration.

RETA training

From March 22‒24, the Refrigerating Engineers and Technicians Association (RETA) will offer a three-day certified refrigeration service technician (CRST) review course for technicians and personnel troubleshooting and maintaining industrial refrigeration systems, with an onsite testing option on March 25.

According to RETA, the CRST course covers natural refrigerant safety ‒ including ammonia and CO2, regulatory requirements, efficient system operation and problem-solving skills to prepare candidates for the certification test with 150 questions.

“The exam addresses sixteen areas of refrigeration system operation ranging from safety and compliance through components of a system and the power/control systems involved,” RETA says on the IIAR website.

ATMO verified

Other ATMO-verified, reputable ammonia or CO2 refrigeration companies exhibiting at the event with a gold-level partnership with Ammonia21.com and R744.com include:

  • U.S.-based Evapco, a manufacturer of modular refrigeration equipment.
  • U.S.-based Frick, a subsidiary of Johnson Controls, providing industrial refrigeration solutions.
  • U.S.-based M&M Carnot, a provider of ammonia, cascade ammonia/CO2 and transcritical CO2 solutions.
  • Italy-based SCM Frigo, a manufacturer of CO2 refrigeration systems.

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